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    Anónimo preguntó: top or bottom? what sexual fantasies do you have? who's the best sexual partner you've ever had and why?


    Hey Anon!! Well.. let’s see…

    top or bottom? uhm… I like to think myself as a top/versatile ‘cause being bottom is hard for me to be, but i can be with a little patience and some “work”

    what sexual fantasies do you have? I think I have acomplished my fantasies… but, well… i’m open to any sugestions. Outdoor sex is always a turn on in my mind, but is not always easy to practice without going cruissing (i really don’t like cruissing)

    who’s the best sexual partner you’ve ever had and why? hum… the best sexual partner i had… i cannot choose between any of them. Each and every one gave me different things. For example, my 2nd and my second last “sexual partners” were really good kissers, and I really like a good kiss.

    — hace 2 años